Chantelle Stephenson - Eastcheap Studios

 Chantelle’s work for the Letchworth Culture Project developed over the last year in lockdown. Having had to move her studio space into her utility room at home, Chantelle’s choice of medium shifted from large scale paintings to smaller scale studies and incorporating sculpture into her practice. Chantelle recalls her daily walks into Norton Common at the time in March 2020 and noticing the sudden shift in the season of spring that mirrored a sudden, shift in our new way of life. 
Walks through the heavily flourishing spring offered an temporary escape and solace. Working with un-fired porcelain opened up ways to connect metaphorically with the temporary and fragile surroundings. Having the chance to display work a year later in the shop front offered Chantelle’s sculptures the chance to resurface and revisit the idea of these precarious moments of time.