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We are very excited to announce the launch of the Garden City Arts Club, a new space at the Broadway Gallery dedicated to supporting the creative community in our area. From this space we hope to run community-led exhibitions, workshops, talks and presentations with the aim of giving a platform to the talented creative groups and individuals from our area while also providing professional guidance and skill-building opportunities with the intention of strengthening the region’s growing art scene.

We are inviting expressions of interest to use the Garden City Arts Club for exhibitions, projects, group meetings, demonstrations and other creative or any other cultural or creative endeavours. Please note, we highly recommend visiting the space prior to submitting your application. 

To apply to use the Garden City Arts Club please fill in our form via this link CLICK HERE 


This space is mouldable, flexible & adaptable 

This space is for dialogue, experimentation & exploration 

This is a space for constructive critique & motivation to take place 

This space is where older & younger generations can form a symbiotic relationship & inspire one another 

This is a space to be active & engaged 

This is a space for participation

This is a space for learning and research 

This is a space for work, leisure, presentation, documentation & discussion 

This is a space for creatives, thinkers, listeners & talkers 

This space does not tolerate intolerance of any kind 

This is a safe space where everyone is equal & included 

This space is multi-disciplinary 

This space is open to change 

This is a shared space 

This is your space