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“Every turn is a bit of a surprise”

“Every turn is a bit of a surprise”: Kate Terry: A System of Parallels opens at the Gallery

Broadway Gallery’s new exhibition opened on the evening of Thursday 8 February, to a gathering of local artists, friends of the artist Kate Terry and frequent visitors to the Gallery.

Guests were greeted by geometric sculptures in shades of blue, green, pink and yellow, with glints of brass; delicate drawings with pops of colour; and a striking thread installation, with hundreds of threads criss-crossing the space, each tied to a tiny pin.

“You can’t tell where each thread starts and stops until you hit just the right angle,” said Mark, a first time visitor to the Gallery. Graham Fisher, CEO of the Heritage Foundation who runs the Gallery, commented, “It’s stunning. I’ve never seen such laser-like precision with this sort of amorphous colour. Every turn is a bit of a surprise.”

Many found themselves looking over, under and around the threads, exploring the interplay of light and colour. “It’s interactive even though you’re not touching the works,” said Sophie, a regular visitor. “You discover more and more the longer you look!”

Laura Dennis, Curator of the exhibition, pointed out how the thread installation is closely related to the drawings. “Kate has made drawings that in architectural terms we’d call ‘axonometric’ – three-dimensional, ‘looking-in’ views of a space. She’s overlaid these with watercolour. For the drawings and the threads she’s used a neon colour palette; but they are both so delicate, it’s a very subtle effect. And in fact, from some angles the threads merge into what looks like a watercolour wash – so the two mediums recall one another.”

Among the threads and drawings, geometric timber and steel sculptures are placed around the Gallery, the solidity of the materials in contrast to the fine balance of one shape against another. A similar effect is given by the brass sculptures, with visitor Ellen commenting, “I love the reflecting brass, with the interplay of light and material; despite the hard substance it’s quite elusive.”

The artist Kate Terry was delighted to open her new solo exhibition. “I’ve found creating this exhibition really interesting,” she said. “There was a lot of work to do in my studio but it’s all really come together in the Gallery, which itself is a fascinating space. I’m honoured to have a show here, and I think it’s great that the town is able to host exhibitions like this.”

Kate Terry: A System of Parallels is now open at Broadway Gallery until Sunday 22 April.

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