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Q & A with artist Kate Terry

Q & A with artist Kate Terry, creator of our new exhibition at the Gallery

A System of Parallels is a new exhibition by British artist Kate Terry at Broadway Gallery, bringing together an installation of hundreds of coloured threads alongside new geometric sculptures and drawings. The exhibition opens on Friday 9 February.

Hello Kate! What are you exhibiting at Broadway Gallery?
I’m building a site-specific thread installation, made up of hundreds of lines of coloured thread in intersecting forms. I will also be showing a collection of sculptures and a series of drawings.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
In my practice I explore architectural space, geometry, balance, and colour. I come from a background in sculpture, and all of my work is very much grounded in ideas around sculpture. I have three overlapping areas of my practice, which are installations, sculptures and drawings. My thread installations operate a bit like drawings in space, and hover somewhere in between sculpture and drawing.

The sculptures in the new exhibition will include a range of geometric shapes, predominately made in wood, and circles will feature heavily, as a nod to Letchworth having the UK’s first roundabout.

How do you make your work?
I make drawings and sculptures in my studio and workshop, and I make site-specific installations directly in galleries and other spaces – as I will at Broadway Gallery. I enjoy working on-site, and responding to the architecture and idiosyncrasies of each space and considering how a viewer moves around or through my work. I’ll do a site-visit and test out a few ideas in a gallery before making a model of the space, and make drawings to plan out the configurations of my installation, but often the final form of the work takes place in the space.

How will your installation at Broadway Gallery be different from what you have created before?
I’ve started to work with brass as an additional material in my sculptures recently, and this will be the first time I will show works using brass. I’m really drawn to its seductive shininess but also its brittleness, which is quite different to the flexibility of my threads. I also haven’t shown all three aspects of my practice together in this way before, so I’m excited to see the overlaps and conversations between the works.

What do you find interesting about Letchworth Garden City?
I’m fascinated by the idea of newness and idealism in the original founding of the Garden City, and the socialist principles that the town was founded on. I am very interested in architecture and I love the drawings for the initial town plans, the radial plan, and the shapes of the buildings and road structures within these plans. And the black squirrels, of course.

Thanks Kate! A System of Parallels will be at Broadway Gallery from 9 February to 23 April.

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