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Q&A with James, Producer of The Jungle Book

Behind the scenes of The Jungle Book, the wild new musical coming to Broadway

Hello James from Immersion Theatre! Tell is about the company.
Immersion Theatre is an award-nominated company with a passion for family theatre. Our productions are created to appeal to all ages so they become a shared, memorable family experience. We work incredibly hard to produce the best possible quality show for our audiences, from custom-made sets and costumes, to original scripts and scores.

Why did you decide to adapt The Jungle Book?
We love taking a classic tale and giving it what we call the Immersion treatment! The Jungle Book is perfect for this. There’s adventure, comedy, larger-than-life characters, a beautiful setting, and above all heart. I’ve been surprised at just how many people have a soft spot for this particular story. There seems to be a real nostalgia about it, so it provides us with the perfect platform to do what we do best: take our more mature audiences on a trip down memory lane whilst introducing a new generation of theatregoers to the story in our unique style.

Most of us are used to the film versions of The Jungle Book – how is your production different, and what extra magic can we expect?
We have written a brand-new script and score for this tour so it’s a completely original show. All the characters you know and love are there of course, we’ve just given them a bit of a twist! Our show has heaps of audience interaction. There’s call and response, sweets being chucked into the audience, humour for all members of the family to appreciate, and as with all our shows, it will be a high energy performance.

Who is your favourite Jungle Book character in the show, and why?
That’s like asking a parent to choose their favourite child! There’s elements of every character I love. For example Mowgli has an unbreakable spirit, Baloo Is hilarious and has most of the audience participation, Shere Khan is one of those villains you love to hate, and the Monkey King hits levels of cool-ness of which we mere mortals can only dream.

What’s your favourite song in the show?
That’s a tricky one! I’m a real perfectionist as our composer will testify, so never stop working on a song until I’m satisfied that it could be the best one in the show. This score has a range of genres, from swing and big band to rock and roll. At present, however, I’m a huge fan of “No Cares” which is a duet with Baloo and Mowgli guaranteed to stay in your head long after the show finishes. I really am so excited for audiences to hear what we’ve created.

The Jungle Book is coming to Broadway Theatre on 9 April. Tickets have sold out, so if you’d like to make sure you don’t miss out next time, sign up to our mailing list and tick ‘Children and Family Events’.

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