George Eksts - Five Things To See Or Do 1

Welcome to location 1 – Broker Looks Bared of artist George Eksts’ project Five Things To See Or Do

You may have arrived here via a link on the Broadway Gallery website or through social media, in which case we hope you enjoy George’s site specific sculpture, one of a series of public artworks developed during visits to Letchworth in early 2021. If, however, you have arrived here via a QR code found on the site then we apologise if you’re just realising that this sculpture only exists in digital form…we hope you didn’t travel too far to view it. If you had no idea about the project and just wondered what the QR code was all about then…hello! We’re an art gallery based in the Arcade on Leys Avenue, come visit us please! 

We’ve been living in a digital world over the last year, Zoom calls, Netflix and dependence on the internet have become the new normal. As we seemingly move out of the lockdown restrictions and back into reality it is pertinent to work with an artist like George who’s work crosses the divide between the two worlds and hope they will provoke a response from the Letchworth community.

To find out more about the project, and to visit the other locations, click HERE