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About the Broadway Gallery

Broadway Gallery is a visual arts organisation, based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, that supports, develops and presents the work of artists through a dynamic programme of exhibitions, projects and events. By inviting artists and people to collaborate, create, share, and reflect in their spaces and through their projects, they fuel a dynamic programme of art activity that aims to radiate throughout the town and beyond. 

Broadway Gallery’s ethos is rooted in the history of Letchworth - the same experimental vision and radical spirit that drove the town’s early settlers lives on today in its unique community and its ever growing art scene. Broadway Gallery works to sustain and feed this creative energy - supporting the cultural, social and economic growth of Letchworth.

Broadway Gallery operates on a non-profit basis. It is funded by Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, grants from other organisations, Arts Council England and donations from the public and is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers.

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The Gallery space at 2 The Arcade forms the hub of our activities, hosting free exhibitions and events throughout the year.

The Studio is a flexible space used primarily for artist residency programme

The Kids Gallery holds regular workshops for artists under 10 years of age and functions as a drop in centre for grown ups to bring their budding creatives and use our art materials for free.

The Garden City Arts Club  functions as a community-led exhibition space, a meeting place for creative groups, talks, workshops and performances as well as a drop-in work space for local creatives. 

The Town - Our offsite projects utilise public and private spaces throughout Letchworth - the Garden City Greenway, empty commercial spaces, parks, poster sites and more.



Our ethos is rooted in the history of Letchworth. the world’s first “Garden City”. The town was designed and populated by radical pioneers of the Arts & Craft movement, visionaries from whose experimental and bold ideas grew innovative new models of social reform, town-planning, architecture, industry, environmental sustainability, art, craft and design that spread throughout the country and the world. This forward-thinking and experimental creative spirit lives on in the town’s ever-growing art-scene and our mission is to fuel it and facilitate its influence on the wider national and international art-scene. 

Socially embedded art practice

Letchworth Garden City pioneered the idea of a reinvestment model - where all profits from the town were reinvested for the benefit of the people. This ecosystem of shared contribution and collective ownership guides Broadway Gallery’s approach. We consider ourselves to belong to the people and artists of Letchworth. We recognise that artists are members of the community - and that everyone in the community is able to contribute to the making of (as well as simply the experience of) new art and ideas. By bringing together artists and members of the community to collaborate, share and interact Broadway Gallery promotes not just socially-engaged, but socially-embedded art practice. 

Nature and culture connected

With trees and open spaces around every corner and surrounded by both wild and agricultural land (the first ever ‘green belt’) Letchworth was designed as, and remains today, an integrated rural-urban ecosystem where people and nature happily co-exist and benefit each other. This interaction between the natural and human-made world permeates our programming, by creating an environment for these intersections between nature and culture to take place we hope to incubate thinking, ideas and art that - like the garden-city concept itself did 120 years ago - impact and influence on the most pressing issues of today’s society - climate change and environmental sustainability.