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George Eksts - Five Things To See Or Do

The question of when a work of art in finished is one that concerns most artists. George Eksts’ work seemingly exists within this grey area. Appearing to disregard traditional notions of completion, his work is resolved simply when resources dictate it can no longer move forward. The five works included in Five Things To See Or Do exist only as digital images or animation but, for George, the process itself is as valid as the delivery of any solid object. 

Eksts’ process begins with exploration, looking for unused spaces, forgotten corners, empty pedestals seeking to make creative use of available space and form. When the location is found Eksts attempts to visualise a sculpture and how it will sit in situ, a complex process which involves the artist envisaging a myriad of potential shapes, forms and textures for the sculptural image. 

Eksts is interested in an object’s potential, what it could be rather than what it actually is. The object can be changed endlessly, while the context remains fixed. The options unfold freely but are helpfully tethered to physical location, total freedom within a set of constraints.

To the artist, the question of fact / fiction is less interesting, the object could exist in that place, or it could not, the dividing line is really just a large amount of funding and some safety regulations.