The Letchworth Residency - Eleanor Breeze

The Letchworth Residency - Eleanor Breeze

We are pleased to announce the pilot project for The Letchworth Residency. The residency will take place at the Broadway Gallery and the artists involved will have a remit to encourage the participation of our local community. The project will culminate in the works produced being exhibited at the gallery.

Future residency artists will be selected via an open call but, for this pilot project we have invited artist Eleanor Breeze to participate.

Eleanor’s work reimagines memories and old photographs to create scenes that may or may not have occurred in the past. She is interested in the idea of trying to establish some control over the uncontrollable by reproducing images of people whom she once held close relationships with, but who are no longer in her life. By introducing fictional narratives to the images, Breeze questions our relationship to the past.

Place and object is as important as the figure in Breeze’s painting. Often set in ageing domestic interiors, the images feature particular icons or evocative objects such as a whisky glass or a favourite pair of shoes that may acquire relic status when viewed retrospectively. Quick gestural marks alongside more detailed areas suggest different time frames in the painting process, and disrupt a simple reading of the image. Ultimately, the images remain ambiguous; they are often melancholy, making reference to something lost or just out of reach.

Eleanor’s exhibition will open on August 17th 2021. Contact for further details.