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Shannon Ryan - New Blood

Shannon Ryan on her work for New Blood:

As a society we have become obsessed and dependent on social media. This ever-growing fascination has enpowered social media platforms to become an essential part of everyday life. While many use socail media for personal reasons, there are those who use this dependency to generate an income, known as influencers. Marketing themselves and lifestyle as a brand to gain recognition, as their currency coming in the form of comments and likes. ‘Doin It For The Gram’ mocks and mirrors transgressions committed by some of the world’s biggest influencers. Using their branding and marketing tactics to produce more conceptual images which explore this different world. With help of make-up, clothing and wigs I transfromed myself into Dahlia Blush, a caricature to reconstruct the millions of images seen on social media. While proving that these perfect livestyles presented are fabrications to fit into their brand to generate more profit.