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Stefka Mueller - The Letchworth Residency

The Broadway Gallery’s latest artist in residence is Stefka Mueller, a Berlin-born photographer, editor and book designer based in Letchworth.

Relating to the Bauhaus principle of ‘form follows function’ Mueller’s work begins in the conversation of images with the book as an object, with its structured space. A space you can carry with you where intention outstrips display. 

For Mueller, the beauty of editing pictures is the opportunity for play and its endless possibilities. The rearrangement helps to bring out and articulate the momentary stance of the creator - photographer or editor. The edit serves the purpose of its respective presentation; book, projection, exhibition, collection.

Her photobooks seek to engage the viewer in an inquisitive conversation. Beyond being a clean container for a body of work, all tangible and visible details that inform the dimensions, the materials and the print of a photobook are intentional parts of the concept. An edit does not just tell the story, but rather it creates a finite context for the images to exist in and relate to one another. The images cannot be seen outside of that context; may it be as minimal as a white cube, as condensed as a screen, as physically fixed as a book. (Regardless, all of the above serve as assumptions only.) The form of the book builds or supports the context of the imagery; it even constructs the images. A photobook is a space curated, a story told, untold, withheld, an object handled, easily accessible, opened 24/7.

During her residency, Stefka will be working from the gallery studio producing new work related to the unravelling of the photobook, whilst redefining her practice as a new artist mother.

About The Letchworth Residency

The Broadway Gallery residency programme launched in September 2021 and aims to give an artist from our area the space, time, facilities and funds to develop a body of work that is later presented at the gallery. Proposals from artists are selected in-line with the gallery’s principles of supporting high quality talent in our region and encouraging a socially engaged practice. Residency artists receive a fee alongside promotion and mentoring during their tenure. Gallery visitors are encouraged to meet, engage and collaborate with the artist to engender a meaningful connection with the work as it develops, the artist will also take part in our talent development activities and talks. The end of residency exhibition/presentation is then documented and shared with art industry professionals with the aim of furthering the artists career post-residency.