Foyer Gallery

The Foyer Gallery at the Broadway Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to showing the work of artists based in and around Letchworth, raising awareness of contemporary practice in the area.  Every few weeks a new artist will exhibit a single work or series created within the past year. 

The current display in the Foyer Gallery is Residuum: New Works by Julie Leaming, running until Sunday 17 June 2018. 

The drawings and sculpture on display offer a different perspective of viewing the geology and fragility of extreme landscapes.  Created in response to primary sketches from the mountains of the French Alps, the works distil the impact of the natural forces on these amazing structures.  They explore different scales and viewpoints of landscapes, with the aim of highlighting and questioning our own response to the intricate and mesmerising patterns that they all have in common.

Leaming graduated in Contemporary Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire in 2015.  A Letchworth resident for 20 years, Leaming is a current Fellow at the Digswell Art Trust.

For further information about exhibiting at the Foyer Gallery, please contact