Foyer Gallery

The Foyer Gallery at the Broadway Gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to showing the work of artists based in and around Letchworth, raising awareness of contemporary practice in the area.  Every few weeks a new artist will exhibit a single work or series created within the past year. 

The current display in the Foyer Gallery is Tree forms by David Lowther, running until Sunday 14 October 2018. 

Dave Lowther trained at Luton, Nottingham Trent, Goldsmiths and Hertfordshire Colleges of Art and taught art in Bedfordshire for 25 years.  The artist is a member of the Wynd Gallery in Letchworth, and will have his first show there in November.  Previously Lowther has exhibited across the region and in London, in both solo and group exhibition.

Lowther’s work is concerned with the formal possibilities of pictorial invention, rather than the depiction or illustration of a specific reality. The paintings are almost all totally abstracted, developing intuitively, mostly on the edge of recognition, in an ambiguous in-between space.
The paintings are often created as a series, where the explorations evolve through experimentation, play and accident.  They are often revisited, reworking aspects previously encountered. This maximises the possibilities of the theme and the sequences are mostly as important as any single piece. 

Tree forms is a current series of paintings and is loosely based on interpretations from a small local clearing and wood. Evolving from small sketchbook preparatory studies, the works are more concerned with figure/ground configurations, and the idea of growth, than with literal representation.  The small, intimate scale that enables a faster way of working where more alternatives can be developed in the time frame. The colour is deliberately non-naturalistic mostly using strong hues to heighten contrasts. 

For further information about exhibiting at the Foyer Gallery, please contact