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The Garden City Postcard Project

The Garden City Postcard Project displayed postcards dating across the history of Letchworth, examining how a century’s worth of visitors chose to remember the town.

The exhibition centred on a selection of twentieth century souvenir postcards from the Garden City Collection. Alongside this, a series of new postcards of Letchworth by local artists were displayed.

What you said:

“Having lived in Letchworth for 55 years many of these images are very familiar, especially those from the time I was a child. Fab exhibition.”
“Wonderfully fascinating history in social housing.”
“Really enjoyed the postcards of LGC. Thank you for this enjoyable experience.”
“Nice display of enchanting cards which remind us of why we enjoy living in Letchworth today.”
“A wonderful stroll down memory lane.”
“Simply amazing!”

Postcards 1

Postcards 2

Postcards 3

Postcards 4

Postcards 5

Postcards 6