Someday we'll linger in the sun

If ever there was an exhibition that represented inclusivity it is The Letchworth Open. The gallery is now chock full of artworks made by members of our uniquely creative community here in Letchworth and the surrounding areas. These artists are from all walks of life, all ages and all levels of artistic training. The Open is a chance for us all to be symbolically together under one roof, at a time when we are unable to be in real life. It is in this spirit of togetherness and mutual support for members of the Letchworth art scene that we present Some Day We’ll Linger In The Sun. A collection of works submitted to The Open by artists from our region that could not be delivered in time for the physical exhibition. To these artists we say that we understand that some of you may have been isolating, ill or unable to travel but we’d still like to consider you part of the show, our scene and our creative community. To everyone else, please take a look through these works, give the artists a google, look them up on social media and please extend the wonderful support you’ve been showing to them.