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Q&A with The Noise Next Door

Ahead of their visit to Broadway at the end of February, The Noise Next Door have shared this Q&A with us to help get you in the mood for laughing and to get to know the chaps a little better!

For anyone who hasn’t seen you before, what can we expect from The Noise Next Door?

Laughs. Most of all we want to make our audience laugh. We don’t have a big message, we don’t do this to get across an agenda, we just want everyone to have a good time. How do we do that? Well, we take suggestions from our audience and transform them into songs, scenes and jokes right before your very eyes, and we’re pretty good at it according to audiences, the national press and our mums.

Who or what are your biggest inspirations?

The Noise Next Door was obviously very inspired by THE improv show on TV ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’, trying to figure out their magic was how we started out all those years ago. Individually we are inspired by a huge variety of comedy heroes. If we had to pick one each? Buster Keaton, Robin Williams, Monty Python and the entire back catalogue of You’ve Been Framed.

What’s the best suggestion that’s ever been called out from the audience?

We get all sorts of amazing suggestions from our audiences and they surprise us on a nightly basis! We once asked for a household object and a very calm man in his 50s quickly replied ‘a viking longboat’. 

Do you ever find yourselves nervous not knowing exactly how each show will turn out?

Nope! We love that we don’t know exactly how our shows will turn out. It means we are as excited to do them as the audience is to watch them.

If you hadn’t made it in comedy, what would you be?

A Pulitzer Prize winning author, the U.K’s leading neurosurgeon, the Creative Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the Prime Minister of Sweden… Who all meet up on the weekends to fight crime. Comedy is really holding us back.

In a world of limitless possibilities, where would you most like to perform?

In a world of limitless possibilities we could join an intergalactic mission of peace to perform a gig for the first meeting of every sentient species in the universe, binding them together through the joyous power of laughter… But when push comes to shove… It’d have to be Letchworth Garden City. 

Liked what you’ve read? Then why not see the guys in person on 28 February. Tickets can be bought here